Lash Services

We offer a variety of lash services to fit the needs of our many clients. Our highly skilled artists can create the perfect set of lashes to fit your style. From extremely natural - to bold and dramatic our artists are here to help enhance your natural beauty. 

Lash Lift & Tint

Lash lift and tint $115
Lash lift (No tint included) $90
Tint Only $25

A lash lift is a perm done to your natural eyelashes. This painless treatment uses a series of creams to permanenty curl and tint your natural lashes. Low maintenance lasts 6-8 weeks great alternative for anyone allergic to eyelash extensions.

Lash Lift Important Info

Lash lifts take approximately 1 hour - 1.5 hours (with tint).

The results are permanent for the full natural lash shedding cycle which is typically 8-12 weeks. When the lift is fully grow out, a client is ready to have another lift.

After care is very simple for lash lifts:
- do not wet your lashes for 24 hours
- refrain from using WATERPROOF mascara (regular mascara is fine after 24 hours)
- apply conditioning serum daily
- do not sleep on your face/lashes

Lash Lift Important Info

*Aftercare is sold separately for an additional charge*

Full Set $170
Fill $100

A more enhanced/full style of lash extensions. We apply fans made with 3-5 lightweight extensions to each natural eyelash to add length and fullness.

Full Set $140
Fill $75

A combination of both classic and volume for a little added fullness to your set. 



Full Set $200
Fill $130

Thinner extensions... Bigger fans... More FLUFF. This set is recommended for anyone who likes super full/dark lashes. It's most comparable to strip lashes but without the fuss.


Full Set $120
Fill $65

Classic is a great option for anyone wanting a natural look. Classics enhance your natural lashes by adding thickness, length and curl while also being able to pass as your own.


Full Sets

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Lash add ons


Color Lashes 

"Mascara" Wet look


Get the textured Kim K look or strip lash look! A fan is placed using 2-6 lashes, then applied using alternating lash lengths, which gives them the appearance of a False Strip Lashes & Kardashian look.


Add on color to your lash look! make your eyes pop with color perfect for the holidays, festivals & special occasions! or everyday look if that's what your'e feeling.

Full Set $160
Fill $85

"Wet" Lash Sets are created using an advanced technique that combines both classic and volume. It creates a natural and fluffy look.

If you are new to our salon and want a fill, please send us photos of your current lashes upon booking your appointment.
(317) 520-3194

price varies between ($65-$130)

book mascara "wet" lashes

add wispy lashes

add Color to your lashes

New Client Fill
 (Foreign Fill) 

Natural eyelashes grow and shed every single day. It's completely normal to shed 3-5 lashes per day as this process takes place. Refills are done once the fullness of your set reaches 40-50%. During refill appointments new lash extensions are added onto new growth, and overgrown extensions are removed and replaced. Refills must be scheduled within 21 days (3 weeks) of previous appointment and with at least 40% of extensions on each eye.


Please Read

extension Removal


During this process, we use a gel/cream remover to remove eyelash extensions. This process will ensure your natural eyelashes are not damaged in the process.

*Note: Ripping or pulling off extensions yourself is painful and will result in you pulling out your NATURAL eyelashes. This causes gaps, broken, ripped natural eyelashes as well as sore eyelids.

Please schedule a removal if you would like to remove extensions.


What are lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are made of synthetic fibers. They are applied using a professional adhesive, made with ingredients similar to those found in liquid stitches. Eyelash extensions add length, curl and volume to your natural lashes and can be customized to enhance and draw attention to your eyes. Extensions come in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and colors.

What are lash extensions?

How long do extensions last?

With proper at home care, the adhesive will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. However, you shed 3-5 natural lashes everyday. Which is why refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks. There are many factors that could affect the retention of your extensions, including improper home care, not cleaning the lash line, oily eyelids, the use of oil-based products on or around the eyes, medications, allergies, thyroid or hormonal issues, lifestyle, seasonal changes and so much more.

How long do extensions last?

How long are lash appointments?

Appointments can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the desired style and the amount of natural lashes. Please schedule accordingly and make sure you can stay the entirety of your appointment.

How long are lash appointments?

How can I prep for my lash appointment?

Please come to your lash appointment with freshly cleansed skin and lashes, free of makeup.

Avoid consuming caffeine prior to your appointment, this can cause your eyes to flutter/move during your appointment. Working on eyes that are moving/opening can cause adhesive fumes to enter and irritate the eyes.

Dress in comfortable clothing, you will be extremely relaxed and may even fall asleep. Feel free to bring headphones so that you can listen to your own music/podcast. Please bring your own blanket, the studio is kept cool and you may get cold.

To ensure you are relaxed and to respect others being serviced please do not bring small children and extra guests. Seating is very limited and due to the nature of our services, we are not permitted to have children in the studio.

How can I prep for my lash appointment?

Are there any restrictions?

-Do not wet/use steam on lashes for 24 hours.
-Do not get oil products on your lashes.
-Do not pick/pull at lashes.
-Do NOT use a lash curler or mascara. Avoid using cream, gel or pencil eyeliner.
-Avoid extreme heat on your lashes (grills, blowdryer, fire)

Are there any restrictions?

How do I care for my lashes?

Lash aftercare is very simple:
1. Keep them clean by cleansing them with lash bath daily.
2. Brush them with a spoolie - avoid pulling/picking at them.
3. Come in for fills regularly (every 2-3 weeks)

See the question above for a list of things to avoid when wearing lash extensions.

How do I care for my lashes?

Can I wear makeup/mascara with extensions?

Most of our clients get extensions so that they can eliminate eye makeup and simplify their routine.

You can wear eye makeup (powder is recommended) while wearing extensions. You should NOT use mascara as it will alter the appearance of your extensions and cause retention issues. Mascara does not remove easily from extensions and will usually leave residue behind which can lead to poor retention.

If you decide to wear makeup/mascara, avoid oil based and waterproof products as they will break down the bond of the extension and ONLY apply lash extension safe mascara to your lower lashes.

Can I wear makeup/mascara with extensions?