Body Waxing

Our body waxing services help you remove unwanted hair and get the soft, supple skin you're looking for. Not only does waxing last longer than shaving, your hair will stay gone for weeks before you need your next wax.

Benefits of Waxing

-Long Lasting Results
-Hair Grows Back Thinner and Softer
-No More Itchy Stubble
-Instant Confidence Boost
-Eliminates Razor Burn
-Exfoliates skin leaving it smooth while also helping reduce ingrown hairs
-Removes the hair from the root
-Decreases hair growth over time.

Full Arm Wax 
Half Arm Wax   
Women's Full Back   
Womens Lower Back  
Bikini Line  
Brazilian Maintenance 3-4 weeks  
Butt Strip 
Full Butt 
Stomach Strip  
Full Leg Wax  
Half Legs  
your choice between top or bottom half.

Brow Wax   
Lip & Chin   
Upper/Lower Lip   
Full Face Wax     

Wax Services

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intimate & Specialty waxing

brazilian wax

brazilian Deluxe

bikini wax


New Clients  $65
Returning Clients Maintenance
(3-4 weeks) $55
Brazilian Deluxe $115

Hair removal of the entire front and back areas. This is a great option if you want to eliminate all hair from your intimate areas.



Bikini line is a basic tidying; we wax the sides (called your panty line) and across the top. If you’re wearing a bikini, this prevents any hairs from peeking out.


The Perfect add on service! (doesn't include wax) 
If you suffer from ingrowns & hyperpigmentation this treatment is for you & includes brightening cleanse, enzyme treatment, extractions, high frequency, targeted ingrown serum & soothing mask

This treatment focuses on nourshing, calming and soothing for your brazilian wax. Start off with a ph balanced/brightening cleanser on the vuvla, soothing oil prior to your wax, extractions, vajacial mask followed by a toner & serum.

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How to prepare for your wax

  • Hair in the area to be waxed needs to be at least a ¼ inch long (about the length of a grain of rice), which is about 2-3 weeks of growth. 24 hours before being waxed, gently exfoliate the area to remove dead skins cells, and allow for an even cleaner wax (this is especially necessary for leg waxing) 

  • Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but we do everything possible to ensure the most pain-free experience possible. You may take an ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment to help alleviate pain. We also have a numbing cream available for purchase to add on to your body waxing service, which helps dull the pain associated with waxing. 

  • Sunburned skin should be completely healed before waxing and sun exposure should be kept to a minimum for at least 48 hours after waxing, and longer if possible.

  • Waxing is not suitable for anyone that is currently on Accutane or that has been on it within the past year. Prescription and OTC retinols and Retin-A’s should be avoided for a minimum of two weeks before your waxing, and possibly longer depending on your skin type. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to send us an email at
  • We recommend not consuming any alcohol or heavy amounts of caffeine before your appointment, as these can cause your pores to tighten (ouch!). 

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing on the day of your waxing, to avoid any irritation.

-No hot baths or showers for 24 hours , OPT FOR COOL WATER

-No saunas, hot tubs, massage or steam treatments for 24 to 48 hours.

-Wait 24 hours before applying any tanning agents to the skin.
No sunbeds for 24 to 48 hours.

-Wear loose-fitting clothes immediately after to prevent friction and irritation.

-Avoid working out at the gym or other sorts for at least 24 hours.

-Avoid scratching or touching the treated area with unwashed hands.

-Avoid swimming, saunas, and steam rooms for a minimum of 36 to 48 hours.

-Avoid using fragranced or perfumed products on waxed areas.

Waxing Aftercare

Please Read

Shop wax aftercare

Radiant, soft skin and hair, everywhere.

A collection of full-sized signature Fur products (Fur Oil, Stubble Cream, Ingrown Concentrate, and Silk Scrub) to keep every inch of hair and skin on your body hydrated, smooth, and ingrown-free.

Fur Oil softens hair and clears pores from the eyebrows to pubic area.

 Stubble Cream makes regrowth appear soft and fine, doubling as a standalone full body moisturizer.

Ingrown Concentrate targets bumps, redness, and irritation for ultra smooth skin.

Silk Scrub buffs away dead skin cells for radiant resurfacing. Use every day for soft skin and hair, everywhere. 

Available in Salon


Why should I wax?

Waxed hair grows back smooth and fine, unlike the stubble that shaving causes. Each time you wax, the hair follicle weakens and can eventually die, leaving you with less hair. Waxing also lasts significantly longer than other epilating methods. 

Why should I wax?

Does waxing hurt?

Well, you are  removing hair from the follicle so yes, it is going to hurt. However, it  does get easier each time. The hair usually grows slower after the  first waxing. Maintenance and consistency is key to reduce pain. Remember to book your waes 3-4 weeks apart.

Does waxing hurt?

How long does my hair have to be, really?

We require that you have at least a 3 week hair growth. Honestly, the longer the better for your first wax. It is VERY important to have enough hair growth when you come for your appointment. This allows the wax to grab the hairs easily. If your hair is too short, we will ask you to schedule another appointment, which means you are charged for that day's appointment as well, So please, for all of us, make sure you haven't shaved, waxed or tweezed for 3 weeks. 

How long does my hair have to be, really?

How long will it last?

Usually you will need to be waxed every 3-6 weeks. The area being waxed will not necessarily be completely smooth the first few times.  

How long will it last?

Will I be perfectly smooth after my first wax?

It's possible but not probable. Some clients are smooth as a baby's bottom after their first experience. However, it is common that after the first 2 or 3 waxings you may feel a wee bit of stubble. NO shaving, tweezing or waxing between visits. This will cause the hair growth to be in different cycles, we want to wax when all the hair is on the same cycle.  

Will I be perfectly smooth after my first wax?

Are there reactions?

Yes, sometimes the face, bikini, back and chest are all areas that may have a histamine reaction. Talk with your doctor ahead of time to see if allergy meds can be used to provide more comfort.

Are there reactions?

I am pregnant! Can I get waxed?

Yep! There is no need to be concerned about waxing while you are pregnant.  We wax many of our clients up to the time that they are due to deliver.  It is nice to be all cleaned up down there before the baby comes. Some are just a little more tender during the wax but not all.  

I am pregnant! Can I get waxed?

Can I get a Brazilian/bikini wax while on my menstrual cycle?

YES! It does not bother us at all. Just use a tampon and we will work around the string. Honestly, it happens all the time! 

Can I get a Brazilian/bikini wax while on my menstrual cycle?

Can I tan before or after I get waxed?

No, It is best to wait 48 hours before or after waxing to tan, we don't want to cause any pigmentation issues to the new skin.

Can I tan before or after I get waxed?

Do I need an appointment?

Yes,  appointments are REQUIRED! We cannot accept walk-ins! Please be early or on time to avoid losing your appointment. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel with less than 24-hour notice, you will be expected to pay 50% of your service as a no show fee. After 1 no show you will be required to prepay for your service 

Do I need an appointment?

Medication restrictions?

If you are on or have been on Accutane in the last year then you should not be waxed! You need to wait 1 year before waxing. The skin is generally very sensitive during and after Accutane. If you use Retin-A, Glycolic, Salicylic, other acid treatments and certain medications you may not be able to be waxed for up to 2 weeks after you have stopped using them. 

Medication restrictions?

I'm nervous! Can my partner/spouse/friend come into the appointment with me?

The Lash District policy is no guests in the treatment room, unless it is a minor getting waxed then a parent is allowed in the room. We have found that this allows us to give the absolute best and most professional service available. 

I'm nervous! Can my partner/spouse/friend come into the appointment with me?